Some simple guidelines and suggestions for this section:

DISCLAIMER: This site will not be held liable for content, or fraud. Content; the selling of illegal items under anyone's copyrights, or intellectual property rights, and so forth. If deemed illegal, the post will be removed. There are a few types of Fraud; meaning, you pay, and you do not get your item(s), does not arrive as advertised, arrives DOA, or unusable for any reason. This site has no control over what other people sell, do, or do not do.

POST & CONTENT RULES: A) Please do not post ads for personal items like Cars, Major Appliances, Pets, and so on. Try and limit the posts to Electronics, PC, and/or Game Console related. NO SPAM or "Free Ipod" type ads, they will be removed immediately B) When you post an item for sale, you MUST list the price, and if it includes shipping, or is plus shipping! If you do not provide that information, you will be asked to provide it. If you do not, the listing will be deleted within 3-days(or longer) of the request. That request can be from another poster that asks in a reply, or a moderator. The exceptions are items you want to "trade". C) Try and provide as much detail about the item for sale, so you won't get questions you do not want, or desire. D) If you do not want replies in the open forum, then request people respond in PM for more details.

Keep in mind the entire subject matter on selling MODDED materials are not legal to begin with. These types of items are even removed from Ebay's listings when/if they are found. Selling backups or ISOs is also illegal, as well as any other discs that contain any proprietary code, including a BIOS. Remember Selling a modded console is one thing, but selling one with backups, ISOs, or one loaded with games, is another!

Though the PS3 can't play PS3 Backups or ISOs -Do not advertise the selling backups, in any way, shape, or form. Those posts will be removed immediately!

RECEIVING AND SENDING OF PAYMENTS: I advise the use of "Escrow" through PayPal or other service, and use of shipping confirmation. This will assure that 1; the buyer gets their item, and 2; seller will receive a confirmation on shipping to the buyer, so the funds can be released to the seller with this confirmation. This helps reduce fraud.

FRAUD: Fraud is a big problem on the internet, so to protect both parties, you should use an escrow service, as aforementioned. You are much safer with a credit card, and escrow service than with electronic funds transfers from your bank account (includes wiring money), writing a check, or money order. With a credit card, you can always charge-back the money if you do not get the item. When you deal with checks (stop payments can't be done after so long), electronic funds, and especially money orders and wire transfers, the money usually can't be recovered. Even using a debit card is not safe, and your bank will require undeniable proof before refunding you. Note: If for any reason, any person is strongly against using shipping confirmation (tracking), Escrow or Credit Cards, then Buyer Beware! Not everyone is a thief, but this helps keep honest people honest.

MAINTENANCE: The for-sale section will be PRUNED every 90-120 days! That means, all topics that have not had a reply/post for 90-120 days will be deleted. Repost if necessary. Last prune = 09/20/10