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Thread: Giving away my old laptop...

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    Default Giving away my old laptop...

    So I plan on buying a new laptop this week, and will be giving my old one away to a family member. What is the best way for me to completely wipe my old laptop's HDD? It came installed with Vista but I upgraded to Win7 (from downloading it from Windows' website), if that helps any. Thanks.

    Also while I'm at it, for my new laptop, how can I partition the HDD so that I can have system data on one, and stuff like pics, videos and games on another?
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    did the old laptop come with recovery cds? that would be the best way..if all else fails you can always install a clean version of windows after you get your info off!!!!

    as for partitioning the hdd theres applications all over the net to download..i have never really did a partition on any hdd over the years so i dont know much about it sorry
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