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    Apt-Backup is the next best thing to a complete backup for ALL CYDIA PACKAGES.

    It does not save them for you to see, it does not reinstall them for you.

    Instead, it make's a backup of some sort. so search and install it, open it from springboard icon and "backup". After you restore/jailbreak and finally you get through the first step's of setting up cydia again. NOW is where you can reinstall apt-backup, open it from icon on springboard and "restore".

    Im not 100% on how long you have to leave it restoring for, but i'd say a good 30min's just to be extra sure. Then as you input the source's you already added manually, it tell's you there is an upgrade availble (your packages you installed) which you then click on upgrade and install.

    Overall this will save you a whole night of searching and remembering what you had installed. oh yeah.........i've been there, Got the Tee!


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    Instead, it made some form of backup. So the search and install it, open it from the springboard icons and "backup. " When you restore / jailbreak, and finally the establishment of the first step you through the Cydia. Now you can reinstall easily back up, open it from the springboard icons and "recovery. "

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