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Thread: RecognizeMe Brings Biometric Facial Recognition Security For Unlocking iPhone [Cydia

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    Default RecognizeMe Brings Biometric Facial Recognition Security For Unlocking iPhone [Cydia

    RecognizeMe brings biometric facial recognition security for Iphone

    This new app, again for jailbroken devices only, is called RecognizeMe.
    What Apocolipse has done is to harness the power of the iPhone’s front-facing camera in order to bring the first real face recognition device unlocking tweak to Apple’s hardware.
    RecognizeMe adds a new button to your unlock screen that prompts the software to check the person standing in front of it matches a pre-defined database. If it does, access is granted. If it doesn’t, users are thrown back to the device unlock screen and prompted to enter their PIN. No worries about being wrongly locked out of your phone here.
    RecognizeMe has its own YouTube video showing off just what it can do, and it’s impressive stuff indeed and is just another example of what developers are capable of when they have a jailbroken iPhone to hack around with.

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    I read about this! I'm definatley gonna get this when it's out. (Either purchased or from ihacksrepo )

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