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Thread: Capcom testing inability to delete save files.

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    Default Capcom testing inability to delete save files.

    Wanna pick up a used copy of Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D? That's probably not a very good idea. Apparently Capcom has decided to take a stand against the used games industry by removing the ability to delete save data from your own game and start fresh in this new RE meaning that if you pick up a used copy you have to use the save file of whomever owned the cartridge before you.

    How do you guys feel about this malarkey? Personally I feel like if you bought the dang game you should be able to use it how you like. If I like a game I will play through it four or five times but without being able to delete save data I would never be able to play through it more than once. Complete horse puckey if you ask me.


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    -moved- to DS section

    i think
    you can start over
    the Stats and records can't be delete

    i think it a BAD thing

    most DS game do have a button combo you use when loading game or a the title screen and deletes the save

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