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Thread: My 3DS won't turn on

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    Unhappy My 3DS won't turn on

    a few months back I was playing my 3DS when the top screen started flicking. I thought it was just some glitch so i held down power until the little scrren came up saying power offand it shut down. Well it never turmned back on, it had been on the charging cradle until i had picked it up that day so I know it wasn't a dead battery. So it sat in its box i had saved from when i bought it for months until last night. I take it out and thinking to myself how cool it would be if it were to power on, I press the power button and i see the blue power indicator come on! Then the screens! It was fully functional, i tested a few games it was ok. Until I shut it down, now its back to its old brick of a self can anyone help me out here?

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    sorry for a late reply.

    but it sounds like a faulty connection somewhere best thing would be if its still under warranty to either return it or send it to the big N
    don’t bash anyone asking for help
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    don’t use unsuitable language (this is a child friendly thread)
    if you find an error with this thread please post it in red (like this line) with your help we will keep any brick possibilities to a minimum
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