As is known to us all, Gateway 3DS, MT Card, R4i gold deluxe edition can be used to play 3DS games on Nintendo 3DS Ver 4.5~4.1, playing a important role in 3DS flashcart. However, which is better, gateway or MT Card? How to choose from them and What do you really need by different features owned by different cards? The problems will be solved and clear if know the similarity and difference between them.

Same Features,

Support 4.1~4.5 3DS/3DS XL console system
Support multiROM
Game cart backup
EmuNand 7.x
official carts region free
Support Eshop
Support SaveEditor

The Difference

Obviously, Gateway and MT Card comes from different official site, produced by different team then it is sure that they have different hardware and software. Second, gateway 3ds can dump 3ds roms from the retail 3ds game cart, but mt card canít. The features of them are the same expect this. But the price for gateway 3ds is much more expensive than mt card. Maybe mentioned above, gateway 3ds has one more feature, but actually this feature is not that important,because we donít use it too much, we can just download the 3ds games and donít need to dump them from the retail cart, in the other hand, if we already have the retail cart, why we need to play it with the gateway 3ds.

The conclusion,
Both of them are very good cards and update regularly, so you can buy both of them, though gateway 3ds is more popular because it is the first one, i still recommend buy mt card for its cheaper price but same features.
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