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Thread: For using Pokesav how do r4 flashcards work for save files?

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    Default For using Pokesav how do r4 flashcards work for save files?

    So you get your pokemon game save file to the computer and back it up using savegame manager, then you edit it on pokesav. when you're done can you download your edited save file on your original game card (e.g. pokemon white) or do you have to play the edited game on a flsahcard? How are flashcards for ds lite used and what are they needed for when it comes to things like pokesav? The more descriptive the better. Please be specific!

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    Afaik flashcart only and they are used by putting them where the cart goes..with a micro sd for the games and saves..pretty easy and if you love features and want more then ds emulation then look into the dstwo or love gba emulation then look into a slot two flashcard
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