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Thread: I need 8 icons for my project

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    Default I need 8 icons for my project

    I need eight 60 pixels by 60 pixels PNG icons for my project. I need icons for the following:

    • Temperature
    • Weight
    • Length or Distance
    • Area
    • Speed
    • Volume

    • Exit
    • About or Info

    Ideally they won't have the names on the icons. I'll print the name below the icon, it won't be part of the icon. The temperature icon would have a thermometer or something to do with temperature. Speed could have a speed limit sign or something.

    I will be using this as a background:

    I have not decided on a font or a font color yet (maybe blue, but I'm open to suggestions).

    High quality, original work will receive +rep.

    I currently have the following icons. If you can make something better you get the rep.




    Here is what I plan on using as the selector/cursor image:

    I would like it if the icons could fill in that entire space inside the cursor. If you make icons like I have above, I can make them work... It'd just be harder for me.

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