i was just testing a theory i developed a few hours ago.

my theory was:
if the CommCenter can be stopped through the iPhone's terminal application, why not stop it through that, and run the anySIM application?

i of course knew that the Modem Firmware and BaseBand was also going to be a problem with a figured why not give it a shot.

I did unlock the phone (tested it with iDemocracy and it said the phone was already unlocked!!!!) BUT the downside was that the phone would always reboot once unlocked. It would load up and show the apple image, do its loading sprial thing for a good 5 minutes, shutdown and keep on doing it :(

i entered Recovery Mode and tried starting it with iBrickr. It worked BUT now i was stuck on the recovery screen with that damn spiral lol.

Eventually i had to restore my iPhone and start all over and install my apps and restore my backup.

here is my process:

NOTE::Dont have any SIM cards in your iPhone!!!

1)Downgrade 1.1.2 iPhone to 1.1.1
2)App unlock iPhone
3)Install OKtoPrep and go to 1.1.2 and app unlock it
4)Install the source http://hacktheiphone.com/1.xml
5)Go to the "Hack the iPhone Tools in the installer
6)Install BSD Subsystem, Open SSH, Term-vt100 (the terminal application), AnySIM 1.2.1u, and finally Downgrade baseband #2
7)Reboot your iPhone
8)Launch the iPhone terminal application
9)Enter these commands exactly as i have then:
launchctl unload /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.CommCenter.plist
cd /usr/bin
bbupdater -v
10)Now when dont press the Home button
11)Run anySIM 1.2.1u
12)Insert your selected SIM card
13)Slide to unlock and scroll down and select "OK, Unlock My phone"
14)You will notice that the loading spiral thing appears when about 1/8 completed
15)The phone will reboot about half way done but the process to get half way takes as long as the actual unlocking time :bucktooth:
16)Congrats your phone is now screwed BUT if you load iDemocracy, select jailbreak + Extras, then Non ATT Tools, then finall select Activate 1.0.2, it will say your phone is already activated and stop.

pretty cool concept huh. Now if only i can figure out how to get the phone to boot up again, im sure it will be completely SIM unlocked :mrgreenthumbsup:

oh well you dont have to try my process above. its just for non-believers (as so many people claimed to have dne it but never provided a method like i did)

I will see what happens and keep you informed.
also, i will be taking pictures and making a video (all in good resolution :mrgreenthumbsup:)