First of all, before I even begin this thread (Which is technically impossible if you know what I mean) I want to tell you this. This is not a scam. This is not spam. This is totally legit. This is totally correct and accurate. The article itself is written by me, Aliandro Operator, and I take ALL responsibility of it. But that is limited to what I have personally written, i.e; the entire thread excluding the link to the news story in Australia. So here we go. Lets start the thread.

I really cant stress enough how stupid I feel for not thinking of this earlier until I came upon this piece of news from Australia when in fact I was looking for a way to unlock the 3G by copying the FW of a Factory unlocked 3G and installing it on a locked one.

What pisses me off is that I knew about this scheme, but I never really thought bout it. So without further ado, I bring to you, the way to unlock your 3G.

I can only say this FOR SURE to be a VALID and LEGAL method in the United Kingdom as I have been there personally and know for sure what I am about to say is a law there.

You can actually have your carrier unlock your phone for you. But of course, to do so, you'll have to BUY the phone from them. Not sign a contract. But pay the REAL and FULL price of the phone, and take it away UNLOCKED.

Am sure it can be done in the US as well, but you'll still have to pay the full price of the phone to AT&T. Even though I dont know if they would 'sell' it.

I hope am not losing you, because, the method to unlock this phone has been in our sights all along, despite the fact it will cost a bit more than the phone's so-called regular price (Under the condition that you sign a TWO-years long contract with the carrier) but it will be unlocked for life no matter what upgrades you install and no matter what Apple does.

Of course, you'll still be able to jailbreak it and mod your phone as you please. Theoretically speaking that is. Since the FW is the same, and the only thing changing is what the carrier does to the phone before hand, and the fact that you can upgrade it to no matter what Apple releases and still have it unlocked, then based on this info, it can be safely said that jailbreaking will NOT harm said phone.

Anyway... This is a link here to the story that reminded me of my stupidity.

Click here.

Please, EVERYONE, post here and let me know what you think about this and if we can somehow spread this info as it MIGHT help SOMEONE out there with the unlock process if you know, the method the carrier is using is somehow discovered, it would be possible, theoretically speaking again, by reverse engineering it.

I am looking forwards to your replies.


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