You'd probably recognize Telstra from the thread I just made moments ago about the guy who got them to unlock his phone for free.
But this is an entirely different story right here, people.
This Aussy hacker made a custom SIM card with info from an AT&T SIM and a Telstra SIM thus creating a custom SIM card with AT&T 'IDs' if I may call em yet, the network information and configuration of Telstra's.

The phone as of yet cannot send or receive SMSs, nor take calls. But it can make them, though. The calls, I mean. There is also a video of him doing that real-time as proof.

You'd probably be saying: Damn... By now, but its actually a great leap forwards. Since this is still the FIRST attempt at a working custom SIM card built by the hacker, more improvements and progression will soon follow. This, my friends, is the evolution of things and the natural flow of events that would lead to one's ultimate goal. :D

Anyway, now I will leave you with the source I got this from.
Please, click here.

Oh, and one last thing. If someone is gonna come up here and start.. How should I say this so that everyone would understand... Hmm.. Oh yea, like this: If ANYONE comes up in here and starts HATING and DISSING and DOUBTING and going all: OMGZ, IZ F4K3!!!!!111!!Shift+1!!!
Then I will tell you now, I will ban you. I wont even warn you. I will straight out ban you. If you have something constructive to say, then your welcome to do so. Even if its criticism. If you have any questions regarding the methodology, I am not sure this forum is the right place for that, but you are more than welcome to try and ask in our Help section.

You may ONLY post here if you:
1) Have some good comments.
2) Discuss the ups and downs of this route of unlocking.

And thats it. Coming up and just saying: Cool is not acceptable. This is the news section, not the cheer leading section.

Sorry if I sound bold, but its because I am sick and tired of people coming on this forum and trashing it by bluntly breaking its rules.

Other than that, enjoy! :D

The Operator.