Hey ya'll.
Its been a while since I posted anything up here.
Anyway, this new app does just that.

NOTE! We do NOT endorse piracy. This is here for mere education purposes as the app was so developed for.

So yea, this app, actually removes the protection off of a iPhone/iTouch app or game so it is... Copyable!!!

To me personally, I think anyone who would back up this magnificent app and breakthrough... Is an idiot.
I know, you might say am contradicting myself, but no, seriously, this is a wonderful breakthrough. Yet, it will only pose a more serious threat for us iPhoners and iTouchers out there.. Damn, that sounded perverted. Anyway, this would only mean more lockdowns on the iPhone (Cuz its more important, thats why I omitted iTouch. :p) than ever. Since a revenue as termendous as the AppStore has been pouring in, to just stop and crash like that.. I can only imagine how developers.. Or rather... Commercial developers will retailiate.

I just hope we are not entering a darker era of this wonderful device's life. DevTeam... I am afraid from now on your amazing job will only become harder. Good luck. DevTeam. FTW!

So yea, just so you know, I respect SaladFork. The genius developer of this All-In-One cracker. But I only wish it hasnt been made public to such an extent that end-users end up using it. If it were only been sold or something to developers so that the developer (SaladFork) can make some money, I would've backed that up.

All in all, I hope we all not end up regretting this.


Source: TorrentFreak.com. Yes, you read right. TORRENTFREAK. :D

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