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Thread: .IPA scanner / organizer for home app server

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    I was wondering if anyone had any advice or knew of any applications to help me organize my app collection outside of iTunes a little better.

    I currently use HFS server to host about 6000+ apps. Through my ipod I can go to http://SERVERADDRESS and browse my .ipa applications through a web index interface. They are organized into alphabetical folder. Installing apps is pretty easy, I just tap the app/game I want and the I tap "install". Installous takes over and installs the app and all is well. The problem I have is finding apps. By the file names it sometimes isnt clear if its an app or game. app names dont always help to know what the app is. If I know what I am looking for that's great but if I am just browsing around in it I do not know what genre the app is or in some cases if its an app or game.

    I guess what I am looking for is some kind of scanner that will add attributes to the ipa file or if anyone has a more efficient way of hosting their apps on a more iTunes app store like interface outside of iTunes? It would be near impossible to research each individual app as my app collection grows day by day. Even if I were able to know if the ipa were a game/utility/entertainment app/etc I would be able to at least categorize them better.

    I hope this made sense as I am new to the ipod/iphone scene...

    PS. If anyone is interested and would like more detail on how I setup my remote app server I would be more then happy to explain more.

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    while that is a very interesting concept im am very sorry to admit i dont have a solution for you

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