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Thread: iPhone shot down after lock screen

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    I've googled a lot of threads about that but every threat without solution!

    My iPhone is a hacked First Gen!

    Let me explain the problem:

    the owner where i bought my iphone has did an restore (to the newest firmware) to erase all his data. it was a hacked 1.0.2

    so far i need to hack it to put my Orange SIM-Card but i did not now HOW at this time. I found an hack for 1.0.3 so i did all these steps and it works perfectly!

    from this time on the iPhone everytime powers off 5-10 sec after it locks the screen. i have found a lot more hacks and i got alot experience on it.
    i tried a lot of hacks and firmwares - also original restores in dfu and so on.

    Now i have a 3.1 hacked - works fine but the problem is still there.

    what works is:
    whes i power the iphone off and i dont touch it for about 1 hour, i power it on and it works nice perfectly for hours.
    But if i use it to much or when i syncronise it with the computer it powers off again.

    it stais on if it's connectet to pc

    Somebody knows what to do?

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    This forum is just superb, i had been looking for this kind of forum for a long time.



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