Report's from 'MuscleNerd', have confirmed that the new jailbreak exploit will jailbreak all current idevice's, even the iphone4 and ipodtouch 4th Gen.......and it work's for 4.1firmware. This new exploit was found by 'pod2g' and poisixninja. congratulation's to them. :mrgreenthumbsup:

For now it is a tethered jailbreak, but, in the future it verywell my be untethered.
Rumoured to be called 'SHAtter' (say's Modmyi) and is a 'jailbreak for life'. The only way for Apple to get round this is by releasing some new device's with new hardware. (like the new bootrom with the 3G[S]) *new was after at least week 42*

So anyway, there is still a lot of work for the dev-team, poisixninja and pod2g, so there are no release date's, nothing....just yet.

do not upgrade to 4.1 just yet unless you have your shsh's saved.