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Thread: Can one downgrade 4.1 to 4.01 using SHS blobs from 4.1?

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    I guess I am not the only one with this big Q so an answer would be appreciated by many. I just want to unlock my 3GS (new bootrom and on iOS 4.1) on any version of iOS4. It was never jailbroken and has no sh blobs saved so I have been unable to downgrade to 4.01 to get the unlock. But now that Limera1n beta3 can unlock the 3GS with new bootrom, can I then save my SH blobs on Cydia, and afterwards downgrade to 4.01 (editing the hosts file etc) in order to be able to jailbreak AND unlock it?? I mean, are SHSH blobs firmware specific or will the ones saved when on 4.1 firmware be useable for a downgrade to 4.01. Thanks...!

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    Default and Limera1n are only jailbreak's, allowing 3rd party app's and unsigned code to the phone. Unlocking is completely different.

    shsh blob's are firmware specific, if you were to save it now, it would prob save shsh for firmware 4.0.2 or 4.1 (i can't remember) But either way, if you are on 4.1 and never jailbroken you cannot downgrade anyway. And the shsh codes are unique to your phone so you cannot use another code that someone else has saved.

    Also, if you were somehow able to downgrade, it would not downgrade the baseband of the phone, which is the bit you need for unlocking. Unless you had used pwnage tool or sn0wbreeze to upgrade and jailbreak to 4.1.

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