Geohot To Release Untethered Jailbreak After 2.10.11 (Verizon iPhone 4 Launch) ?

Continuing the jailbreak theme today comes news that jailbreak supremo MuscleNerd has claimed that Geohot might release a new untethered jailbreak in the coming weeks.

***MUscleNerd@ Pod2G
for instance i think GeoHot will release his iboot-level untether for certain devices after 2.10.11 if there's a void!****

The news comes after another iPhone developer and hacker Pod2G informed the world that a new vulnerability has been discovered for iOS and that GreenPois0n is being actively worked on as it is clear that Apple has blocked GreenPois0n in its upcoming version of iOS – version 4.3.

Reading MuscleNerd’s comments it appears we could be getting at least one new untethered jailbreak for at least some devices sooner rather than later.

Of course this is still unconfirmed by Geohot himself, so fingers crossed. Hopefully he can pull himself away from all that Sony drama going on in the PlayStation jailbreak scene to help us out in iLand!