DreamBoard – An Alternative To WinterBoard For Jailbreak Themers

WinterBoard has been the skinning app of choice for many-a-jailbreaker for a good long while now, and it’s done a sterling job. Now though, it’s perhaps time for a challenger to try to break the equilibrium. That challenger is DreamBoard.

Now before you all read that opening paragraph and go delete WinterBoard, allow me to explain. DreamBoard is actually a little different to WinterBoard. The new DreamBoard is more of a way to apply themes to an iDevice rather than the more granular (if you want it) option of WinterBoard.

DreamBoard’s real party-piece is the ability to make an iOS device look more like Android(alltough i personally hate it op.a). Out go the rows of icons and in come the widgets.

via: redmondpie