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Thread: How do you bypass the passcode on a Iphone 3g

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    Default How do you bypass the passcode on a Iphone 3g

    I have a iphone 3g and im trying take out the passcode . Anybody know how to get by it ? I have a iPhone 3G that i bought from craigslists. but im trying to get passed the passcode . i tried restoring it and now i have message saying "No Sim card installed ,insert a valid SIM with no pin lock to activate iphone "
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    The person you bought it from should have unlocked it for you, or should have given you the passcode.

    Is it jailbroken? The default password is "alpine" for up to O/S 2.0

    O/S 2.2 is TIMBERLINE

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    You Can't bypass the passcode.

    You will have to insert a valid simcard into the phone. Or jailbreak and 'Hacktivate' so that ANY simcard will allow you to get to the springboard. the passcode should be gone now it is restored.

    I'm supposing since you restored it, you are on 4.2.1? if so.......

    You can jailbreak with either redsn0w 0.9.6b7 (google it) / / or make a custom ipsw with hacktivation using Sn0wBreeze If on Windows or Pwnagetool if using a MAC.

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