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Thread: Online unlock a scam?

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    Default Online unlock a scam?

    Ive spend the last 24 hours searching the internet for information on how to unlock an iphone. I knew absolute nothing about iphones or unlocking phones in general and from the things ive learned and im seeing im a bit confused as some things seem to contradict each other. Also a lot of the information is outdated.

    I have an iphone 4 32gb with a baseband of 4.10.01. It is fresh from rogers sent as a replacement for a broken one so my understanding is its a refurbished iphone. It was just recieved in the mail yesterday and i guess rogers updates it to the newest thing which is ios 4.3 with that baseband when they send out a new phone.

    I bought the phone from him and am with Telus (we are in Canada) so I need to unlock the phone before I am able to use it. After a lot of searching around it seems there is no free unlock program ( which would be ultrasn0w i guess) that can unlock baseband 4.10.01 yet. However I have seen things that say they can unlock those basebands. Although they charge a fee. I also see ads on kijiji of people saying they can unlock any iphone even with ios4.3.

    There are many websites that say their program can unlock any baseband. Are these websites scams? I looked into that and it seems that some of them are definately scams, but are all of them scams? They sell from like 20-40$.

    I saw here theres an official way that costs 179+ is that for real? Why do these other websites say they can do it for free? Is that truly official from apple and lasts forever and is legitimate?

    I checked with rogers and to unlock it from them they want 50$ and you need to be a customer, and the phone has to not be on contract, and it takes 30 days so i dont really like that option and im not even a customer.

    I thought is it possible to change to a different baseband? I read that other iphone 4's with certain other basebands can be unlocked but just not these 3-4.10.01 ones. If I was to restore my iphone to factory default, would that change the baseband to one that possibly can be unlocked? Would it restore the ios to something else? Or would that stuff stay the same.

    I also saw this thing called gevey sim, but seems its mostly useless. You will always have to do some sort of setup if you lose signal and it doesnt even work in some areas and so i figure that one is not a good option.

    Any answers to some of those questions or any information on how I can unlock this phone would be greatly appreciated.

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    Yep it's true, there are NO free software unlock's just yet (Possibly not anytime soon either).

    The site's are probably all scam. We were reporting at least 2 LEGITIMATE unlock site's on here, but both were charging 179+ to unlock them. So your only two real option's would be to get hold of a rogers simcard and unlock that way. Or try the Gevey sim ( I would think it would work fine. The faulty area's would be far east and that place's)

    You are NOT able to change the baseband to an unlockable one by restoring (Upgrading / Downgrading).

    You have 3 option's. The 2 mentioned above or wait untill something come's out. There could be one in 2 week's...we'll never know.

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    It is a scam. I have read about it in another forum...
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