Originally posted on the Fix BB 6.15.00 Please Facebook page, but since that page is full of idiots that have no clue what they're talking about, (idiots helping idiots) who think they're entitled to a fix from the Dev Team, (Despite being warned that they may lose full GPS capabilities when going to BB 6.15.00) I've decided to post my improvement on the problem here.

This isn't a complete fix, but rather an improvement to get some functionality rather than none. I am not a professional. I didn't code anything. This is merely reporting on my tests of trial and error, trying different things to get my GPS back.

Potential GPS 'fix':

My setup:

3G, 4.2.1, BB 6.15.00, Unlocked with ultrasn0w

Doing some investigating on my 3G, doing this helped improve my GPS reception drastically, to about 80m, down to the 5m now. The 3G's hardware isn't very accurate in terms of location to begin with, so readings like these are as good as it ever gets on a 3G.

1. Install 'Auto Location' found on the BigBoss repo. This tweak turns location services on, at an on demand basis. If it's not being used, the services are turned off. This helps improve battery usage slightly.

2. After you have that installed, hard reboot. Turn the phone off cold, and turn it back on.

This got my GPS location to about 500m. I further improved this by doing the following steps

3. Add 'fishbone.ge' to your repository list in Cydia.

4. Install 'Push Fix', and then, cold reboot again.

5. Go into iTunes, or the App Store, and search for 'GPS Status'

Canadian Users:

tl;dr: Push Fix + Auto Location + GPS Status

Install, and let it find you! Be sure to turn off WiFi, VPN, 3G, and Data, as when [A]GPS fails, it drops back to these methods which aren't very accurate.

This in itself took me from 'Unable to determine location', to an okay accuracy in most apps, significantly improving my GPS pinpoint. Maps app seems to be very picky about when it wants to work or not. 3GS users should get a better result when using this, because the GPS antenna in their device is larger.

I do hope this is in the right section, and that it helped someone to an extent