Basic rules when posting for help.

1. Give us basic details about your iphone. In Example: Tell us
-What kind of phone you have? eg, iphone 4, 3g[s], 3g, 2g.
--Do you require an unlock?
---Current Firmware version? (setting's / general / about / version)
----Current baseband? (setting's / general / about / modem firmware)
-----Are you using Windows or a Mac?
------Shsh's saved? (download tiny umbrella, and press save shsh)

2. Please use a good title, don't just make the title of the thread "question" or "help"

3. Do NOT make polls in the help section, if you do they will be deleted without warning.

4. To help us help you better, tell use whether you are on Windows XP/Vista or on Mac OS X or something else.

5. Also, look at the tutorial section before asking any questions.

6. In addition use our search to see if someone has already asked/answered a question similar question to yours and piggy back on someone elses post other than starting a post of your own on the same topic.
To make things more expeditious edit your signatures similar to killacam13s' and make it consist of the current firmware, the baseband status jailbroken status, activation status, and any other information that can help us better assist you! Thanks!

7. Do NOT post links or click on links to other sites that are offering "too good to be true" giveaways like free iphones or headsets or money...many of you know better but this has to be said.

8. Be polite. When asking for help, try to ask nicely and remember that people here are using their own personal free time to help YOU out. They are not getting paid for this and they are not in ANY WAY obligated to help. They do this because they want to. Any rudeness will not be let go easily. People have feelings, self-respect and dignity. Do NOT take that lightly.

9. Do not PM Mods or Admins asking for general help. That only clutters up their inboxes and creates unnecessary sense of awkwardness. Please post new threads for your questions.

10. ALWAYS give us the details of your phone. Same as rule number one. If you do NOT do so, don't expect any replies. Help us save both you and us time.

And remember, Google is your friend! :mrgreenthumbsup:

Mods, feel free to add anything to this post by editing it.