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Thread: Can't Exit safe mode/ springboard crash...

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    After adding some apps from Cydia my iphone is stuck in safe mode and occassionaly displays the following message:

    "We apologize for the inconvenience, but springboard has just crashed. A recent software installation, upgrade or removal might have caused this. Your device is now running in Safe Mode. All extensions that support this safety system are disabled. Reboot (or restart springboard to return to normal mode. To return to this dialog touch the status bar".

    I have had no luck solving this issue by rebooting and I don't know if I am restarting the springboard correctly as nothing has changed. My phone is a 1st gen 8gb 2g which has been unlocked and jailbroken. I would also greatly appreciate it if someone could tell me how to remove apps.

    Thank you for any assistance you may provide.

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    Odd. I had those several times, but when I restarted SB it was all good.
    As I remember dont your just tap restart?
    I really cant remember. Sorry.

    If you wanna remove Cydia apps, go to Cydia -> Manage -> Installed Packages or something like that.
    You'll find all the options you'll need there.

    If all fails, all I can suggest is a restore.

    Just for reference as am not sure you can do that now, but if you can thats great, install AptBackup which will allow you to "backup" your Cydia apps.
    Just make sure you read the instructions.

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