I've bought an iphone 3g from a friend a while back. I don't have any of the custom installers on the phone but am using it with a China mobile Sim card in China. I have the latest version 2.2.1 and have baseband /modem 2.30.03 running. This is the way the phone came when and I haven't updated or restored it. With the software updated coming up I want to know if I can upgrade of if my phone is not officially unlocked and should wait until there is a way to unlock 3.0. I also haven't restored as I haven't seen anyway to unlock it with 2.30.03 running.

From the packaging the phone came from the Netherlands. I am wondering if the phones come unlocked from Netherlands or not. I am looking at the T-mobile website though google translate but haven't found it anywhere.

If anyone knows or has suggestions on how to figure it out without locking my phone let me know.

Your help is appreciated.