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Thread: help jailbreaking 4g 32 gig itouch

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    Question help jailbreaking 4g 32 gig itouch

    i dont have one yet but im getting one tomorrow and idk much about jailbreaking. i wanna use something called spirit or greenpoison but will they work on my itouch straight out of the box(what iOS does it come with)?
    any good app suggestions would also be nice thanks in advance

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    Well....we don't know what IOS it come's installed with. You tell us! (I'm going to take a wild guess at 4.0.1 though)

    First thing to do is to download 'Tiny Umbrella' for whatever OS you have on computer.
    Hook the phone up and press the 'save shsh' button.

    Then come on here and tell us:

    What shsh's Tiny Umbrella saved.
    What your Current firmware is (Setting's>General>About>Version)
    Your Current Baseband (Setting's>General>About>Modem Firmware)
    Your OS (Windows / Mac / Linux)
    Do you require an unlock when the phone come's or is it all ready to go. (Do you have the correct sim for the phone, or require it to be unlocked so you CAN use a different sim)

    All that would help you and us a LOT!

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