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Thread: ssh for dummies **tutorial*** (how to add apps w/o itunes)

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    OK This is a detailed tutorial i took some time :P to make it easier for newbies to learn about ssh ! In this tutorial ill be using WINSCP as my ssh viewer but there are many out there so feel free to pick whatever u like best !

    Ill be using Windows 7 in this tutorial any questions let me know !:D

    First ill need to jailbreak my iPhone (duh!):bucktooth:

    1. Go to Cydia
    2. double click on search at the bottom right (Wait for all the reloading and stuff)
    3. At the search tab write openssh
    4. double click on it and install/confirm (top right of screen)

    note** openssh stays always on draining lots of battery (*lots believe me*)
    download sbsettings to have a custom toggle switch to turn it off when
    not in use .other wise u will have to erase it every time u finish or ur phone
    die in couple hours**

    5. When done downloading go back to search and write sbsettings on search tab ...
    6. Double click on the one from BigBoss(system) install/confirm
    7. will recommend also to download and install the sbsettings toggles it adds extra buttons for other stuff on ur phone as well
    8. when everything is done , ur phone probably will respring ... go ahead and swipe ur finger through the time on top of phone
    9. sbsettings will slide down giving u access to different stuff on phone to turn on and off ensure ssh is on

    note ** if ssh is not present go to more / set toggles look for ssh and turn on !

    Ok now that we are done with the phone lets download the viewer for Windows

    10. go to filehippo and look for winscp or just type the address on the pictures
    11. install and open the program
    12. enter the phone ip address ( u can fin it pressing the blue arrow next to the connection on the wifi in settings or simply swipe ur finger to open sbssettings it say the ip right there too the name is root and the password alpine pick scp in the little square and login

    A. Pop up will come up hit ok and u are in !! ssh !!!
    B. u will see the left side is all ur computer files and the right all the iphone files....

    one little trick u can do with this is add or remove applications without itunes !

    hit the go back button untill u get to root

    C. Double click on applications and u will see all ur apps !!
    D. Scroll to the bottom of the app folder to the empty space and paste ur application here.

    Applications can be downloaded fron the internet or take them out of your itunes app library

    TO take them out of itunes

    E. GO to itunes app library and right click on th e desired app and click on show in windows explorer
    G. A windows folder will open with all ur apps on zip files double click and open them (u will need a unzip program , u can get them out of compression area on filehippo)
    H. When it opens double click on the payload folder and extract the .app file to computer and from computer drag the folder to the empty space inside ur phone in the application area..

    When folder finish copying in iphone right click on it and go to properties on the octal area write 0777 and check the square on bottom exit !

    go back to phone and open sbsettings and re-spring !!!

    when it loads back up enjoy ur application with out itunes

    note** updates will not be available also to erase the application u will have to erase it out with ssh !

    U can also extract pictures and songs out of the iphone with ssh but not add

    I repeat ** U cannot add Music or Photos with this (at least i dont know if some knows how let me know ) :mrgreenthumbsup: :)

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    excellent to move it to the right section. :P

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