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Thread: How to install psx4ll - playstation1 emulator (work's best on iphone4)

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    You will need. psx4all
    winSCP - window's (or mac equivelent)
    Some ROMS (google) (have the files unzipped and on your desktop ready to be ssh'ed
    Bios File scph1001.bin
    Openssh installed on phone

    1) Install psx4all through cydia. (either official ZottD or

    2) Open winSCP and connect to phone. next go to very root of the phone. (eg '/ Should be the only path you see) Then go to applications, and scroll down to where you see '' and open that. Scroll to bottom and drag and drop the bios file 'scph1001.bin' into this folder.

    3) Change the permission's of this file. *right click on scph1001.bin , click on properties and the number's in the box to......0755. press ok.

    4)Next go to private/var/mobile/media/ROMs/PSX (if you dont have a ROMs folder, just create one and then create a PSX folder in the ROMs folder. MUST BE SPELLED: ROMs and PSX)

    5) Drag and drop the bios file scph1001.bin into the PSX folder. And once again change the permission's to.....0755

    6)Once you have the Rom files unzipped and in a folder or whatever on your desktop. (there should be 2-3 files that get unzipped) Drag and drop these into the 'PSX' folder. This process may take around 15min's to complete.

    That should be it! You should now reboot your phone just to be sure all is in place.
    Good places for roms are or or just google for them.

    psx4all can read and play ROMs with the following file extensions: .ISO .IMG .BIN .Z .ZNX


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