here is something that i run across the web really great post, so i need to share, the tutorial is written by: Matty0 and thanks for that!

Ok, so if like me you use cydia a lot and have many sources to update each time it runs, it's a welcome change to be able to start it updating then play a game while it does the work.

Now, it won't automaticaly multitask, but we only need to mod 1 line in the program. so lets get started!

I will now post a visual step-by-step guide on how to do this mod with iFile, but you can just as easily do it via SSH or iPhone Browser for example.

Step 1 - Locating Cydia within the filesystem

Step 2 - Locate and edit the "info.plist" file
Now, find this file named "info.plist" within the folder
Click on it and select "Text Viewer"

Now at the top click "Edit" (top left) then scroll right to the bottom (should be the very last line except for "</plist>"), looking for the line:


and change true, to false... making it say...


Now make sure this file is backed up, then in the top right corner, hit "Save" then quit iFile and RESTART YOUR DEVICE, i did not say respring, or simply run cydia, RESTART

thats it! job done! you have a multitasking cydia! now be careful with this. it is not intended for multitasking during an installation of .debs, but this certainly needed writing up!

anyway, if this helped you please leave a little comment. i prefer it to the thanks button. maybe some clever person could package this mod into a xsellize package for the repo... just a suggestion


- Tutorial By Matty0

source: MacBB