So, here is a step by step guide for the 2G restore+update+hactivation!

First thing first:
Files needed for the operation:

1. 3.1.3ipsw(u got it already installed since u update thru iTunes)

2. 3.1.2 ipsw( go to our megathread at the top of the help page, there is a lots usefull things and download links

Redsn0w 0.9.4

So, after u verified that u have all files, this is the part where the magic begin!!!!

1. Open redsn0w and hook the

2. When redsn0w prompts U to"browse for the ipsw" do that BUT SELECT 3.1.2ipsw, this step is the important part so dont miss it! Check install cydia!

3. After redsn0w verified ipsw click next and follow the onscreen i struction to enter DFU( 2sec power button, power+home together etc)

4. When u successfully finish jailbreake(after the redsn0w prompts u "the rest of the process goes directly onto device,something like that(u will c onto iphone screen image of an pwned(pineapple) logo)

5. Open cydia, and when prompted choose COMPLETE UPGRADE(this is slow but only for the first time)

6. After cydia restarts, go search, and tipe bootneuter, install and run, process of unlocking is automated so u will probably meets requirement already(since is jailbroken)

7. U will notice at the top left corner name of your provider, which means that u are good to go!

Open iTunes, set up as new when prompted and thats it!
This is a simple 7 steps jailbreake and unlock tut!

P.S. For all questions im here and my great friend Kevmau5! So shoot it up

lcf13 via TApaTAlk!

lcf13 via TApaTAlk!