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Thread: F.O.S.K.-based Text Editor Released

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    F.O.S.K. -

    F.O.S.K. is the Fast On-Screen Keyboard-based TEXT EDITOR
    requiring only two (!) keystrokes to enter any character.

    How does it work?
    The on-screen QWERTY keyboard is divided into 7 blocks, each one with a square shape,
    containing 3x3=9 on-screen buttons (therefore icon.png .)
    The first keystroke selects such a block, while the second one takes one of the nine chars inside the block.
    - To move up/down/left/right inside the block .. the arrow keys are used
    - To move up-left .. square, down-left .. cross, down-right..circele, up-right .. triangle keys used.
    - To choose the mid char from the block .. the 'Select' keys is used.

    The keyboard has 3 MODES (1~normal, 2~CapsLock, 3~CursorMode), each one having its own spcial functions:
    Mode1: NORMAL MODE
    - to type text at the cursor position proceed as described above ('How does it work?')
    - to scroll the text Up/Down use buttons R and L
    - Special functions in this mode:
    - Tab...Tabulator
    - Del...Delete from Right
    - Back..Delete to Left
    - Home..Jump to the beginning of line
    - Vsbl..Make the Text Visible or Not
    - NwLn..add a New Line
    - Copy..not implemented yet
    - Cut...not implemented yet
    - Pste..not implemented yet

    Mode2: CAPS LOCK
    - Special functions in this mode:
    - Open..Open another text file (should be of length at least 3 lines)
    - NewF..Make a new file
    - Clse..not implemented yet
    - Save..Save the file we just edited
    - Prnt..Print the screen immediately to a file with a filename extracted from the date like "1_00.15.34.png"
    - Xprt..Save the text immediately to a file with a filename extracted from the date: "Note_1_00.05.38.txt"
    - Find.. not implemented yet
    - Repl.. not implemented yet
    - Ins... not implemented yet

    Mode3: CURSOR MODE
    - Special functions in this mode:
    - Move cursor Up, Left, Down, Right (Arrow keys)
    - Move 5 characters Up, Left, Down, Right (Triangle, Square, Circle, Cross)
    - PageUp/PageDown (button L and R)

    To switch inbetween the 3 modes press "Select"
    To Exit F.O.S.K. press "Select".

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    Bah just glanced over it. Sounds cool, glad something like this finally came out.
    Oldest psp-hacks member ever.

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    Dead link...

    We need a good text editor it would be great to just program lua on the psp you could do it anywhere. It would need to be able to open, edit, save lua files (*.lua) PM me if any finds something out.
    july 19

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