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Thread: PsPmad Little Fighter 2 Beta v1.60 (New Realese)

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    This new updates is to test the NPC's
    I've been working on this since the last release.

    New Features:
    Character can walk now
    NPC's are now characters not Bombs they fight back.
    Cleaned Up some off the codes

    Coming soon:
    Ive been testing out the new Lua features,
    and im looking at the WIFI compatibility.
    I think it possible to send small bits of code
    through it so that two people can play with each other
    using WIFI. But still lots off work to be done

    Going to add:
    New menu
    Options Ex:SOund, Speed, and Brightness lvl
    WIFI Compatibility
    Character Selection screen
    Add your own music (with options to change during game play)
    game play menu

    Click Here to Download:

    this is all for now
    If anyone wants to share opinions on what I should put in PsPLF2
    Please goto my forums at:

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    Sounds interesting… someone else do it :paranoid:
    july 19

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