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Thread: PSP LUA Devkit "On The Fly"

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    This handy little LUA App is for finding all your X's and Y's and even a REALTIME color picker, it overlays any LUA APP if you follow the Instructions in the provided .TXT file
    I have provided my Sample PSim Date game with the program as an example..
    -==The Keys Are..==-
    Start = Call Devscreen
    L = Call Logscreen
    R = Call Colorpicker
    X = Draw on screen
    Square = Cancel line
    Triangle = Clear log and screen?
    Circle = Go back

    Used the Devkit to plot this, Keep in mind that is drawn in real time, no damn .png or .jpegs used

    Activating the Devkit Brings up this screen and disables key input for the game

    Drawing with the enabled Devkit and Colorpicker menu shown

    Logscreen of Begin and End points of the lines drawn, also their RGB color values


    Enjoy!! :Punk: :D :Punk:

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    Thats pretty cool. I'll try it . Thanks :)
    See all my PSP projects
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