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Thread: Future- Resurection V1.4

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    After a long wait (some of you may have thought it was dead)

    V1.4 is here

    the game is now a 2d sidesrolling hack and slash adventure.

    change log -

    1. Entirley different game (lol)
    2. Animation
    3. AI
    4. Character interaction
    5. Character deaths
    6. Music
    7. Menu
    8. Enemys

    Huge changes there

    I suggest if you liked or hated this game, you give it a go, because its not the same game anymore

    And its playable (To an extent)

    Most of the menu gfx was done by crimson lotus pspdemon edited it for me

    In eboot form - No need for luaplayer :D

    download -

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    Too bad I don't have my PSP with me at work *scowl* lol.
    Isn't it enemies not enemys?
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