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Thread: why wont it load the other lua file?

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    omg i have this random problem that i CANT FIGURE OUT IT WAS WORKING FINE BUT DOESNT WORK NOW!!!

    im plannin on making little minigames in a menu option but the frken lua file wont load i look at everything and i can figure out what im doing wrong!!!

    ive had 3 menu options then added one so that i could have minigames at the bottom, i tell it to load mini.lua but it keeps telling me there is no mini.lua file there so i do all these things to it and nothing works

    can someone look at my source to help me thanx

    Download file : {Here}

    900kb (not big)

    Im not a nerd! im a lvl 19 paladin


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    Here we go download the file here

    There is no the new file changed a few bits on the code to make files load properley other than that its all ok.

    Also if you need any more help you can catch me online at DCEmu. With the username as splodger15


    One more thing credits in the first release would be nice
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