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Thread: Psp lua libcurl?

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    Default Psp lua libcurl?

    are there any??

    I've already tweaked and studied the sample code of libcurl in c.

    But my main application is made from lua script. I am thinking if theres a libcurl similar code for lua? or not even libcurl, just a function to download files via FTP/HTTP.

    thanks in advance

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    Let us assume a typical multithreading situation: We want to download several remote files through HTTP. Of course, to download several remote files, we must know how to download one remote file. In this example, we will use the LuaSocket library, developed by Diego Nehab. To download a file, we must open a connection to its site, send a request to the file, receive the file (in blocks), and close the connection. In Lua, we can write this task as follows. First, we load the LuaSocket library:

    Have no idea if this will work for the PSP, if you try this tell me if it works

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    I'd try that. I'm not an avid lua programmer, I wrote hello world and a loading screen and that was it. But if you want libcurl in lua, you'd have to make it yourself.

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