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Thread: Another World – Homebrew Game (PS3)

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    Default Another World – Homebrew Game (PS3)

    For those people that love to play classic games, you may have heard of a game called ‘Out of This World’ or ‘Another World’. Another World was a 1991 cinematic platformer and now thanks to efforts of Bobby6killer, it has been ported to the PS3.Here’s a quote from the developer:

    Another World for PS3

    This project is based on the reverse engine made by Grégory Montoir, and reimplements the game Another World to be played on PS3.
    You need the original english DOS data files (in english, the game is known as “Out of This World”).

    Arrow keys => Allow you to move Lester
    Cross => Allow you run/shoot with your gun
    Select => allow to enter a code to jump at a specific level
    Start => pause the game
    Triangle => quit the game
    R1 => save game state
    L1 => load game state
    R2/L2 => change game state slot

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    is this just another dos-converted game using dosbox?

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