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Thread: Undrstanding the JB2 Dongal

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    Default Undrstanding the JB2 Dongal

    it seems that JB2 is nothing special at all. What they seem to be doing is using something called a DEBUG EBOOT which is burned onto a disc, and is playable on the PS3. So all we technically need is the debug eboot’s for each game which can be acquired via dev network (and people can get this via debug PS3′s). So until Sony takes a stand against these debug eboots, the scene may have found their access to newer games.

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    I'll wait till there is more concrete evidence regarding how the device actually works. Plus I already posted about the reverse engineering effort that has started:

    and by the sounds of it now the device requires "special" BD-R discs to work properly:

    nevertheless, thanks for your submission

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