So, sounds like the most loyal fans of the Sony Vita will have a chance to get their hands on the system one whole week early by preordering the Playstation Vita First Edition Bundle! The (U.S. version) bundle will include a PS Vita (Wifi+3G version), a limited edition carrying case, Little Deviants, and a 4GB Vita memory card for $349.99! The bundle will be available on the 15th of February, one week earlier than the system is schedule to be released. Sounds pretty sweet to me

The Canadian bundle will have the same things except a wifi-only model instead of a 3G model and will only be $299.99.

Here's the actual text from IGN:
Sony has announced the First Edition bundle for PlayStation Vita. Hardware marketing director John Koller revealed on the PlayStation Blog that customers who pre-order the bundle will receive it on February 15th, one week ahead of the system's scheduled release date.

In the United States, the bundle includes a 3G version of the system along with a copy of Little Deviants and a 4GB Vita memory card. In Canada, the WiFi version of the system will come in the bundle, along with a special carrying case, the 4GB memory card and Little Deviants. The U.S. version will be $349.99, and Canada's will be $299.99.