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Thread: x box broke??

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    hi i have bought a chipped x box but when i turn it on it comes up with cannot connect to x box live please try again later?? but when i press the button on the controller it just stays on ??it was working but some kids got hold of it and maybe messed around with the settings?? is there a way i could get it back to the way it was? there is 300 games on the hd too, PLEASE HELP

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    sounds like your xbox is banned from XBL because its modded. and there is nothing you can do about that!
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    If the console was not banned, it certainly is now. Messed with settings huh? Yep, they probably turned on the auto sign-in... Xbox will sign into XBL when booted up when that option is enabled. Boot without a LAN cable in, and see where it goes.

    Do you get a BIOS logo anywhere when you boot up? EVOX at the top left? Or the Xecutor bottom middle...

    After it tries to sign in, Press these buttons, all the SAME TIME: LEFT+RIGHT+BACK+START (IGR) and see if it resets and goes to the Alternate dashboard.

    If not, you need a boot disc so you can reset the options and all...

    This is all assuming you are CHIP or TSOP modded.

    IF that is a SOFTMOD, then the softmod is messed up.

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