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    Ok, I haven't searched it but I just wanted to know, My original XBOX is modded to where i could save my games on my hard drive. Is it possible to take those files and turn them into an ISO and fiddle with the ISO to make it work on the 360?

    and my second question, is it possible to unlock an XBOX original Hard drive to get the files off of it without the eeprom?

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    I moved this to the OTHER CONSOLE section:

    NEVER unlock your HDD unless you are CHIPPED or TSOPed. If you are softmodded, the unit won't boot if you unlock it.

    You can get the EEPROM data using the BACKUP function at the EvoX dashboard.

    THe drive won't work in a PC even if unlocked without the FatX file system driver. There is nothing of use really...

    As far as saving games? IF you have a STOCK drive, you put them on E: but you won't get more than one game, there is only 5GB of space there. IF you have the SEAGATE drive, you can format F: with 2GB only. You will need a LARGER drive to backup games to the HDD using DVD2XBOX or PXHDDLOADER.

    I can do ALL Xbox1 mods, and I have a nice 250GB unit for sale...

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