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Thread: Editing/creating/restoring & using evox.ini

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    Default Editing/creating/restoring & using evox.ini

    This usually happens after playing a new title, or playing a title on-line.

    If you boot your Xbox, and all you get is a Generic menu then this usually
    means the Evox.ini file has been deleted. You only have to put another
    copy of evox.ini back to the hard disk. Check your IP setting and use
    FTP. Since your ini file is gone, your network settings may not be the

    Table of Contents @ the site:

    # The Evox.ini

    # Breakdown of Evox.ini
    * [MISC]
    * [IGR]
    * [NETWORK]
    * [CLOCK]
    * [FTP]
    * [Telnet]
    * [RDTOOLS]
    * [BIOS]
    * [SKIN_Original]
    * @ Commands
    * ID Command List

    # The Menu
    * Structure
    * Submenus
    * Items
    o Special Items
    BACKUP OF V3935 EVOX.INI FILE. Cut and paste this into a text editor, and save as "evox.ini"


    AutoLaunchGames = No
    AutoLaunchDVD = No
    DVDPlayer = "f:\apps\dvd2.0\default.xbe"
    AutoLaunchAudio = No
    #AudioPlayer = "c:\xboxdash.xbe"
    MSDashBoard = "c:\xboxdash.xbe"
    UseFDrive = Yes
    UseGDrive = Yes
    SkinName = Original
    #SkinName = RuDeDuDe2
    UseItems = No
    ScreenSaver = 5
    Fahrenheit = No
    ShadeLevel = 90
    EnableSMART = Yes
    HDD_Temp_ID = 194
    ChameleonLed = 15
    TSR_Type = 0
    IGR = No
    GameRegion = 0


    SetupNetwork = Yes
    StaticIP = Yes
    Ip =
    Subnetmask =
    Defaultgateway =
    DNS1 =
    DNS2 =
    SetupDelay = 0
    SkipIfNoLink = No


    JumpToMsDash = No
    JumpIfNoLink = Yes
    Use24 = Yes
    SwapDate = No
    SNTP_Server =


    Enable = Yes
    Password = xbox


    Enable = Yes


    Enable = Yes
    Name = XBOX_V1.0


    ROM = "EvoX 2.0",0x76fd88337b8d8c1f116f85f3984b98b6
    ROM = "EvoX 2.1",0x99487615bb30670cb65993388fcf2a63
    ROM = "EvoX 2.2",0x220ade778785cfc3c98bb5ea8bbd8608
    ROM = "EvoX 2.3",0xd79bc87c2caa1a50dcc7016adf2ccc0a
    ROM = "EvoX 2.4",0xe3ce66b99957a92fdac40af951c3f1fd
    Flash = 0x01d5,"AMD - Am29F080B",0x100000
    Flash = 0x04d5,"FUJITSU - MBM29F080A",0x100000
    Flash = 0xadd5,"Hynix - HY29F080",0x100000
    Flash = 0x20f1,"ST - M29F080A",0x100000
    Flash = 0xbf61,"SST - 49LF020",0x40000
    #Flash = 0x378c,"AMIC - A29002",0x40000
    Current = 0xc349c2b047a3d6c2de2e1c10185ecf86


    # <Time> =
    # <IP> =
    # <Name>
    # <Version>
    # <CD>
    # <BIOSVer>
    # <KernelVer>
    # <RDName>
    # <SpaceC>
    # <SpaceE>
    # <SpaceF>
    # <SpaceX>
    # <SpaceY>
    # <SpaceZ>
    Text = 30,37,0.5,0x000000,0,"<Time>"
    Text = 28,39,0.5,0x808080,0,"<Time>"
    Text = 620,420,0.5,0x000000,1,"<Name> V<Version>"
    Text = 618,422,0.5,0x808080,1,"<Name> V<Version>"
    Text = 620,37,0.5,0x000000,1,"<CD>"
    Text = 618,39,0.5,0x808080,1,"<CD>"
    Text = 30,420,0.5,0x000000,0,"RD Name : <RDName>"
    Text = 28,422,0.5,0x808080,0,"RD Name : <RDName>"
    LogoType= 0


    Section "Root"
    Item "Launch DVD",ID_Launch_DVD
    Item "Trainers",ID_trainer
    Item "MS Dashboard",ID_MS_Dash
    Item "Reboot",ID_Quick_Reboot
    Item "Power Cycle",ID_Full_Reboot
    Item "Power Off",ID_Power_Off
    Item "Lock Harddisk",@210
    Item "Unlock Harddisk",@211
    Section "System Utils"
    Item "Settings",ID_Settings
    Item "Flash BIOS",ID_Flash_Bios
    Item "Backup",ID_Backup
    Item "Skins",ID_Skins
    Section "Launch Menu"
    Section "Games"
    AutoAddItem "e:\games\"
    AutoAddItem "f:\games\"
    Section "Apps"
    AutoAddItem "e:\apps\"
    AutoAddItem "f:\apps\"


    LogFile = "f:\lock.log"
    Info "This function will lock your XBOX Harddisk"
    Warning "You will now lock your XBOX harddisk and will be able"
    Warning "to boot from an original XBOX bios"


    LogFile = "f:\unlock.log"
    Info "This function will unlock your XBOX Harddisk"
    Warning "You will now unlock your XBOX harddisk and will not be able"
    Warning "to boot from an original XBOX bios"

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    "Built with (MS) XDK" or "Built with (MS) SDK"

    What does it mean ?

    It means the software you are trying to download or have, has been written and compiled with the official Microsoft® SDK (System Development Kit) for Xbox.

    This specific compiler is only available to Microsoft approved programmers (developers), and can not be used by "end users" to build 'homebrew software'. This specifically, is what makes the software you want to download "illegal" (not in most people's eyes, because the software itself that is compiled, has completely been written by the programmer; but, in the eyes of the law it is illegal).

    You can often find these programs on irc channels or newsgroups - we can't help you to find them, so please don't ask, or mail us about it.

    This is also why (similarly) a Modchip BIOS (not Cromwell) is illegal. With the Xecutor, and EvoX BIOS, most of the original Microsoft BIOS is still in tact, or used. Since the M$ BIOS already contains the necessary information and code needed for the Xbox functionality, the Modchip BIOS is a modified version of that original code. This means keeping most or all of OE I/O functions in tact, while bypassing the signature security routines, or removing them all together.

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