All XB1 DVD Drives will work in all XB1 consoles. There is no special drive, or flashing needed to replace the XB1 DVD drive. All you do is buy one, remove the old one, put in the new one in, and you're good to go. They are nothing like the XB360 DVD drives, with Keys, and Firmware issues.

Repairing a DVD drive (replacing laser assembly, circuit board) can be time consuming, and very hard if you are a novice. You can do more damage than good if you are not experienced. Replacing the drive is 100% easier, and safer. You also need to weigh time spent -vs- cost.

The best source is to search EBAY for "Xbox DVD Drive" here: http://search.ebay.com/xbox-dvd-driv...fkrZ1QQfromZR8

OEM Drives you should find there:
Thompson TGM600 [#4 Replacement - If all else fails]
Philips VAD6011/21 [#2 Replacement] [V1.6 - Halo Edition]
Samsung SDG-605 [#1 Replacement - Best Drive Ever Made for XB1]
HITACHI-LG GDR-8050L [#3 Replacement] [V1.6b Xbox]

Non OEM Drive: Modified SAMSUNG 616T, SD-616T, SD-616F

Very rarely are you going to find other Modified PC DVD drives, like the Pioneer 500M.

There are no CS/MA/SL Jumpers; the Xbox DVD drives are hardwired as SLAVE. There are two cables for the DVD drive, the 12Pin yellow, and standard IDE cable. Remove the old drive and put in the new, connect the cables and reassemble XB1. The yellow contains power, audio, and tray in/out functions.

Note on Modified NON OEM DRIVES: The drives firmware needs flashed with a modified firmware to read the XB1 file system. The drive is also taken apart to reverse the servo motor polarity (moves the laser assy.), and installation of the 12-pin header is required. Not an easy thing to do, but is always an option. There are instructions on the net, you would have to find them.