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Thread: AI PC Programming, NEED HELP!!!!!

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    over_clox I'm pretty sure you just scared the crap out of this kid! lol he probablly doesent even want to learn anymore, haha. Dude serioulsy don't stress AI, you dont necessarily need it for many games, but as you go on to bigger projects you will, and if worse comes to worse i'm sure you can just rip one off an opensource game (giving some credit to the creator of course)!

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    If he were just wanting to use it for games, then he would only need simpler subsets of the fields I mentioned. He said however, he wants to be able to talk to the computer, for it to understand him, and be capable of forming an intelligent response. This isn't quite as simple as game coding you know.

    I'm sure that if he just starts researching the various things I mentioned, then he will start to discover which ones have what relevance to what he wants to do with it. To have a goal of developing artificial intelligence is a far larger goal than programming alone, and learning to code is only one step of the process.

    My previous post wasn't meant to scare him, but rather to speed his learning along by introducing him more thoroughly to the field that interests him. The longer everyone keeps telling him that all he needs to do is learn how to code, then the longer it will be before he learns how to start coding a true AI system.

    And if it still scares him, then maybe it's not the thing for him right now.
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