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Thread: Official Popstation Compatibility Thread

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    I have asked a few members on this forum to start this thread with no takers. So i had to start it myself.

    007 Racing (NTSC) - Works
    Ace Combat 2 (PAL) - Works
    Air Combat (NTSC) - Works
    Alien Trilogy - (NTSC) - works
    Alundra (NTSC) - Works
    Armored Core Master of Arena (NTSC) - works
    Armored Core Project Phantasma (NTSC) - works
    Azure Dreams (NTSC) - works
    Blasto (NTSC) - works
    Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain (NTSC) - Works
    Bloody Roar 2 (NTSC) - Works
    Brave Fencer Musashi (NTSC) - works but loads but crashes when you start a new game
    Breath Of Fire 4 - Works (NTSC)
    Broken Sword (NTSC) - works
    Castlevania (Symphony) (NTSC) - works
    Castlevania Chronicals (NTSC) - works
    Chrono Cross (NTSC) - works
    C-12 Final Resistance - Works (PAL)
    Command and Conquer - Red Alert Retalation (NTSC) - works
    Coolboarders 2 (NTSC) - Works
    Cotton (J) - Works
    Crash Bandicoot 1 - (NTSC) - works
    Crash Bandicoot 2 - (NTSC) - works
    Crash Bandicoot 3 - (NTSC) - works
    Crash Bash (NTSC) - works perfectly
    Crash Collection (NTSC) Works (Crash 1,2,3 combined)
    Crash team racing (NTSC) - works
    Crock: Legend of Gobbos (NTSC) - Works
    Cybersled (NTSC) - works
    Dead Or Alive = Works with special dump (NTSC)
    Destruction Derby (NTSC)+(PAL) - Works
    Destruction Derby 2 (PAL) - Works
    DBZ Final Bout (NTSC) - works
    Diablo (NTSC) - works
    Die Hard Trilogy (NTSN) - Works
    Dino Crisis 2 (NTSC) - Works
    Digimon World 2 (NTSC) - works
    Disruptor (NTSC) - works
    Dragonball GT Final Bout (NTSC) - Works
    Dragonball z Ultimate Battle22 (NTSC) - works
    Driver (NTSC) - Works
    Duke Nukem Time to Kill (PAL) - works
    Duke Nukem Total Meltdown (NTSC) - works
    Digimon World (NTSC) - works
    Earth Worm Jim 2 (NTSC) - works
    Fear Effect 1 and 2 (NTSC) - Works
    Fighting Force (NTSC) - Works
    Final Fantasy 6 (NTSC) - works
    Final Fantasy 7 (NTSC) - works
    Final Fantasy 8 (NTSC) - works
    Final Fantasy 9 (NTSC) - works
    Final Fantasy Tactics (NTSC) - works
    Frogger (NTSC) - works
    Front Mission 3 (NTSC) - works
    Gex 3 - Deep Cover Gecko (NTSC) - works
    Ghost in the Shell (NTSC) - Doesn't Work
    Gran Turismo 2 (NTSC) - works
    Gran Turismo (NTSC)+(PAL) - Works
    Grand Theft Auto 2 (NTSC)+(PAL) - works
    Gundam battle assault (NTSC) - works
    Gundam Battle Assault 2 (NTSC) - works
    Gunship (NTSC) - Works
    Harvestmoon: Back To Nature (NTSC) - works)
    Harvest Moon: Back to Nature(PAL) does NOT work
    ISS Pro Evolution Soccer 2 (PAL) - works
    IQ Intelligent Qube (NTSC) - works
    Jet Moto 2 (NTSC) - works
    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (NTSC) - works
    Jumping Flash 1 (NTSC) - works
    Jumping Flash 2 (NTSC) - works butgraphical bugs
    King's Field = Works (NTSC)
    Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (NTSC) - Works
    Legend of Legaia (NTSC) - works but graphical errors
    Legend of Mana (NTSC) - works
    Loaded = Not Working (NTSC)
    Lunar 1 and 2 (NTSC) - works
    Magic Carpet (NTSC) - Works
    Marvel Vs. Capcom (NTSC) - crashes
    Marvel Super Heroes (NTSC) - Works
    Medievil 2 (PAL) - works
    Megaman X4 (NTSC) - Works
    Metal Gear Solid (NTSC) - works
    Metal Slug X (NTSC) - works
    Monopoly (PAL) - Works with Screen Problem
    Monster Rancher (NTSC) - Works
    Medal of Honor (PAL) - works
    Mortal Kombat 4 (NTSC) - works
    Mortal Kombat Trilogy (NTSC) - Works but no music or sound effects.
    Moto Racer (NTSC) - works
    N2O Nitrous Oxide d Edition (NTSC) - Works
    Nascar Rumble (NTSC) - Works
    Need for Speed 1 (NTSC) - Works
    Need for Speed 2 (NTSC) - Works
    Need for Speed 3 (NTSC) - Works
    Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (NTSC) -Works
    NFL Blitz 2000 (NTSC) - Works
    NHL 2000 (NTSC) - Works
    Ninja (PAL) - works
    Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee (NTSC) - Works
    Odd World Abe's Exodus (NTSC) - Works
    Ogre Battle Limited Edition (NTSC) - Works
    Omega Boost (NTSC) - doesn't Work
    Pandemonium (NTSC) - works
    Pandemonium 2 (NTSC) - works
    Parappa The Rapper (NTSC) - works
    Persona (NTSC) - works
    Persona 2 (NTSC) - works
    Pocket Fighters (NTSC) - works
    Point Blank 3 (NTSC) - works
    Pong (NTSC) - Works
    Porsche Challenge (NTSC) - Works
    Poy Poy (NTSC)+(JPN) - works
    Poy Poy 2 (JPN) - works
    Project Overkill (NTSC) - Works
    Puzzle Fighter (NTSC) - Works
    R-Type Delta (NTSC) - Works
    Rage Racer (NTSC) - Works but Hangs Sometimes
    Raiden 1 (NTSC) - Works
    Raiden 2 (NTSC) - Works
    Raiden Project (Anniversary Edition) (NTSC) - Works
    Rainbow Six: Lone Wolf - Works
    Rage Racer (NTSC) - works but hangs Sometimes
    Ray tracers (NTSC) - Works
    Rayman (NTSC) - works
    Resident Evil 1 (NTSC) - works
    Resident Evil 2 - Dual Shock (NTSC) - works but crashes at police station
    Resident Evil 3 (NTSC) - works but some sound problems
    Resident Evil Sole Survivor (NTSC) - works
    Ready To Rumble (PAL) - works
    Rhapsody (NTSC) - works
    Ridge Racer (PAL) - works (screen clipping at bottom)
    Ridge Racer Revolution (NTSC) - works but no music
    Ridge Racer 4 (NTSC) - works
    Rival schools (NTSC) - Works
    Road Rash 3D (NTSC) Works Perfect
    Road Rash Jailbreak (NTSC)+(PAL) - Works
    Roll Away (NTSC) - Works
    Rollcage (NTSC) - Works
    Romance Of The Three Kingdoms VI (NTSC) - Works
    Rugrats USA (NTSC) - Works
    Samurai Showdown : Warrior's Rage II (NTSC) - works
    Soul Blade (NTSC) - works not full speed
    Silent Hill (NTSC) - works
    Skullmonkeys (NTSC) - doesnt work
    Southpark (PAL) - works
    Speed Freaks (PAL) - works
    Spyro the Dragon (NTSC) - Works
    Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage (NTSC) - works
    Star Ocean: The Second Story (NTSC) - hangs after intro
    Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha (PAL) - works
    Street Fighter Plus EX 2 (NTSC) - Works
    Strider 2 (NTSC) - Works
    Suikoden 1 (NTSC) - works
    Suikoden 2 (NTSC) - works but slow intro
    Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (NTSC) - works
    Super Robot Wars (NTSC) - works
    Sydney 2000 Olympics (NTSC) - works
    Syndicate Wars (NTSC) - works
    Tail Concerto (NTSC) - works
    Tactics Ogre (NTSC) - works
    Tales of destiny (NTSC) - works
    Tecmo's Deception (NTSC) - works
    Tekken 1 (NTSC) - works
    Tekken 2 (NTSC) - works
    Tekken 3 (NTSC) - works
    Tetris Plus (NTSC) - Works
    Tempest X (NTSC) - works
    Tempest X3 (NTSC) - works
    Tenchu Stealth Assassins (NTSC) - works
    Tenchu 2 (NTSC) + (PAL) - Works
    Test Drive 5 (NTSC) - doesnt work
    Test Drive Offroad (NTSC) - works
    Tetris Plus (NTSC) - works
    The Contra Adventure (NTSC) - works
    The Emperor's New Groove (NTSC) - works
    The Contra Adventure (NTSC) - works
    The Granstream Saga (NTSC) - works
    The italian job (NTSC) - works
    The Misadventures of Tron Bonne (NTSC) - works
    The raiden project - works fine
    The Simpsons wrestling (NTSC) - Works
    The Smurfs = Works (NTSC)
    Thousand Arms (NTSC) - works
    Threads of Fate (NTSC) - works
    Tomb Raider - The last revelation (NTSC) - Works
    Tombi (PAL) - works
    Tombi 2 (PAL) - works
    Tony hawk pro skater (NTSC) - works full speed, but with major graphical glitches in game
    Tony hawks pro Skater 2 (NTSC) - works full speed, but with major graphical glitches in game
    Thrill Kill full uncensored (NTSC) - works
    Time Crisis - Project Titan (NTSC) - works
    Tobal No. 1 (NTSC) - works
    Triple Play '99 (NTSC) - works
    Twisted Metal (NTSC) - works
    Twisted Metal 2 (NTSC) - works
    Test Drive Offroad (NTSC) - works
    Um Jammer Lammy (NTSC) - Works at full speed, but sound distortion, and sound distortion with Lammy's Guitar
    V-Rally '97 (PAL) - works
    Vampire Hunter D (NTSC) - works
    Vagrant Story (NTSC) - works
    Vandal Hearts (NTSC) - works
    Vigilante 8 (NTSC) - works but random freezes
    Vigilante 8: Second Offense (NTSC) - works
    VR Powerboat Racing (NTSC) - works
    Wild9 (NTSC) - works
    Wild Arms (PAL) - works
    WWF Attitude (NTSC) - Works
    WWF War Zone (NTSC) - Works
    WWF wrestlemania arcade game (NTSC) - Works
    X-Com UFO Defence (NTSC)
    Xenogears (NTSC) - works
    yugioh forbidden memories works (NTSC) - works



    Thanks to whoever made this a sticky ;)

    I start back work on the 27th so Iguanahak will be taking over this thread.

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    this is compression list


    To ADD:
    007 The World Is Not Enough = Works (NTSC)
    Ace Combat 3 = does not works
    All Star Racing 2 = works
    Arc the Lad 2 disc 2 = Works (NTSC)
    Arkanoid R 2000 = works (NTSC)
    Azure Dreams = works (PAL)
    Beatmania: Sound of Japan(J)= works (NTSC)
    Beyond The Beyond = works (NTSC)
    Bishi Bashi Special 2 (jap) = works
    Blast Lacrosse = works
    Bloody Roar = works (PAL)
    Bloody Roar 2 (JP) = works
    Brian Lara Cricket = works, has some glitches (PAL)
    Brian Lara Cricket = works (NTSC)
    Bust a Groove = WORKS
    Bust a groove 2 = works
    Capcom vs Snk pro = work
    Captain Tsubasa J get in the tomorrow = works, except for sound problems during scenes
    Crash Bandicoot 2 = works (PAL)
    Crash Bash = Crashes at adventure loading screen after opening cinematic but you can still enter battles and tournaments (PAL)
    Crash Bandicoot 3:Warped = Works full speed Audio out of sync in opening cinematic (PAL)
    Croc: Legend of the Gobbos = works (~But the game in general is crap)
    Chocobo Racing = WORKS with screen problem and whit some graphical glitches! (NTSC)
    Chrono Chross = works, until u recruit Korcha, in which u get a black screen(NTSC)
    Chrono Trigger = works, sound problems (NTSC)
    Circuit Breakers = Works (NTSC)
    Clock Tower 1 = working (NTSC)
    Colin McRae = works
    Colin McRae 2 = works
    Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix (J) = works (NTSC)
    Dead ball zone = works
    Dead or Alive = works (NTSC)
    Digimon World = works (NTSC)
    Digimon World 3 crashes when we go through some doors/rooms in Asuka City.
    Dino Crisis = works
    Dino Crisis 'Demo' = Works (NTSC)
    Dirt Jockey = works (NTSC)
    Discworld = Works, but big graphical problems. (PAL)
    Discworld 2 = Works, but screen is misplaced - This can be fixed by using the ingame menu though. (PAL)
    Doom = Intro movie plays but freezes at first loading screen. ~ does not work (NTSC)
    Dragonball Z ultimate battle 22= works (NTSC)
    Driver 2 - The Wheelman Is Back = works,but slow, unless you hold the R trigger. (NTSC)
    Ehrgeiz = works (PAL)
    Einhander = Works (NTSC)
    FF8 = works (with freezes)
    FF9 = does not work (PAL)
    Final Doom = does not work.
    Future Cop L.A.P.D = works. (PAL)
    Gex: Enter the Gecko = works (NTSC)
    Grandia (discs 1 & 2) = works, a bit slow
    Harvest Moon = works, some text errors (PAL)
    Heart of Darkness = crashes/freezes at first level/third screen
    Hello Kitty's Cube De Cute (Jap) = Works
    Hexen: Beyond Heretic = Freezes at PS1 splash screen. ~does not work?
    Hogs of War = Works (PAL)
    Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger -(Japanese)= works
    Hydro Thunder = Works, but no sound
    Inuyasha - A Feudal Fairy Tale (US) = works but hangs in fight in story mode
    jade coocon = works
    Jedi Power Battles = works
    Kagero Deception 2 = works.
    KKND KROSSFIRE = works loading to starting menu, but when starting a mission, crashes.
    The Legend Of Dragoon = works (NTSC) --does not work?--
    Legend of Mana = works, graphical errors
    Lemmings 3D = Works fulls speed no background music (PAL)
    Loaded = does not work
    Marvel vs Capcom (NTSC) = works
    Marvell vs Street Fighters = work
    Medal of Honor = does not work (NTSC)
    Megaman X5 =works
    Megaman X6 = Works (NTSC)
    Megaman 8 = works
    Megaman Legends = works
    Megaman Legends 2 = works
    Metal Gear Solid: VR missions = works
    Mortal Kombat Special Forces = is gereated as a corrupt file unlike other games which just dont work
    mr.Domino= works perfectly (NTSC)
    Naruto: Shinobi no Sato no Jintori Kassen (J) = works (NTSC)
    Need for Speed: High Stakes = works
    Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed = works
    NHL 98 = works (NTSC)
    Night Raid (JAP) = works, but enemies are invisible
    Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus = Works (PAL)
    Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee = Works, but Characters turn invisible and purple strips in FMVs (PAL)
    Omega Boost = Works
    Persona 2 = has slowdowns when text dialogues appear plus graphic glitches (NTSC)
    Parasite Eve = works
    Parasite Eve 2 = works but crashes at "Published by Square Europe."
    Physic force 2 = works
    Power Shovel = works
    Pro Pinball - Fantastic Journey = Does Not Work (NTSC)
    Quake II = works (NTSC)
    Rainbow Six: Rouge Spear = works
    RE3 = freezes after you use the fire hose to douse the fire
    red alert cd 1 = works
    Resident Evil 3 Nemisis = does not work (PAL)
    Re-Volt - Works (NTSC)
    Rival Schools = works, but slows down a bit with three characters in the game at the same time.
    Rival Schools Evolution Disc = works (ntsc)
    Rival Schools 2 (JP) = works
    Rtypes Jap = works (NTSC)
    R-Type Delta = Works
    Running Wild = works (NTSC)
    SaGa Frontier = works (bad on 3.03 oe-a+, graphical errors)
    Saga Frontier 2 = works (NTSC)
    Samurai Showdown Amakusa = work
    Sheep dog 'n' Wolf = works, but lags horribly (PAL)
    Silhouette Mirage = works
    SIM CITY 2000 = slow
    Speedball2100 = works
    spiderman = works, but has major graphical glitches during gameplay
    spryo 3: year of the dragon = works (NTSC)
    Star Ocean 2 = works, but upon trying to execute a non-consumable item, psp crashes. (NTSC)
    Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles = WORKS (PAL)
    Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace = SHOWS A BLANK SCREEN (PAL)
    Star Wars Rebel Assault II = freezes during gameplay
    Street Fighter EX 2 = works (ntsc)
    street sk8er=DOSEN'T WORK, black screen after PS logo
    Suikoden II = works, 5 pixels mising (PAL)
    Super Robot Wars Alpha = Works (NTSC)
    Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden = Works (NTSC)
    Syphon Filter = works
    Tales of Phantasia = works (NTSC)
    Ten Pin Alley = works
    the constructors = slow (PAL)
    theme hospita = Works
    Theme Park = doesn't work (PAL)
    Theme Park World = Works (PAL)
    Tomb Raider III = Works
    tomb raider 4 = works
    Tomba! = works (NTSC)
    Tomba! 2 = works (NTSC)
    Tombi = works (converted PAL = NTSC)
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 = works (only on 3.03 oe-a +) (NTSC)
    Tony hawks pro Skater 4 = works full speed, but with major graphical glitches in game
    Total Drivin = WORKS (PAL)
    T.R.A.G. = works
    Twisted Metal 4 = works
    Vanguard Bandits = works
    vib ribbon (JAP) = works (NTSC)
    Warcraft 2 = don't work (PAL)
    Warzone 2100 = Works (PAL)
    Wild Arms = works (NTSC)
    Wild Arms 2 = works
    Worlds Wildest Police Chases = works (NTSC)
    Worms World Party = Works (NTSC)
    WWF Smackdown 2 = WORKS (PAL)

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    FF TACTICS!!!!!!!! work fullspeed may have menu slowdowns before starting battles

    or rite its NTSC (U)

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    Ninja = Works (PAL)

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    FF8 randomly freezes on the first boss battle(happened twice to me). There was also a graphics glitch when running through the bridge to get to the communications tower.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nojustice
    Ninja = Works (PAL)
    added, i will add every new post, but i wont post add a thank you so thanxs in advance :)
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    Thrill Kill full uncensored works.
    3.03 OE:
    Need PSP help? email me at

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    Resident Evil 2 - Dual Shock (NTSC) Works

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    Is it against the rules to ask about an ISo for a game that was never released?

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    US "the italian job" works. im gonna love this popstation!!!!!!

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