pops loader v4 6.39 ME-8 support by popsdeco

For those who are unaware that the popsloader is a plugin that allows you to load eboot's game converted from PSX (Playstation1) using the POPS (emulator internal PSX, a different version of the FW is running the game. This is useful because Some PSX games worked better in older FW now simply do not work and if they worked in previous FW. Now loading this plugin with the necessary files you can select the version of internal PSX emulator (POPS) in the FW you want to use to run the game.

This plugin was originally developed by Dark_Alex, now modified and adapted by the PRO TEAM to make it compatible with LCFW PRO. Recently amended by popsdeco and patch for CFW-8 by neur0n 6.39ME.

v4a beta
This is beta version.
popcorn.prx is "release and debug hybrid".
it temporary emits debug log to ms0:/__popcorn.txt
then after sceVshSDAuto_Module is loaded, debug mode is ended (ms0:/__popcorn.txt is removed) and it moves to release mode.
This is testing, but no slowdown anyway...

Integrated patch of neur0n POPSBridge to run on 6.39 ME-8 without additional plugin (The POPSBridge no longer necessary) to ME-8.

Fixed a bug in 6.39 ME-8.

Fixed bug that restarted the popsloader to get into some load modes.

Now enter the settings correctly.

Correct settings per game.

tested by me on psp 1001 6.39 me-8 6.39 PRO NIGHTLY 6.39 ME-9
if you already have popsloader set up just replace popscore.prx and popsloader.prx with the new ones if not download the pack here and replace the two prx files

for v4a beta you also need to replace popcorn.prx

download v4a beta

download v4