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Thread: multidisc boot PSX2PSP

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    Question multidisc boot PSX2PSP

    I'm using PSX2PSP to try to make a multidisc boot. I'm trying to play Final Fantasy 7. It has 3 discs. I found an option to load up 3 discs to create a single EBOOT file.

    My question is, if I finish disc 1 and save it, will it be able to load up disc 2.....and disc 3?....Btw, I made the gameID all the same as disc 1.

    Thanks in advance.

    Just a little update for you guys. Well, I'm currently playing with one single EBOOT file but I haven't gotten passed the first disc yet. I'm just hoping it will boot to disc 2 after I finish disc 1. If anyone has a similar issue, let me know if it continues to disc 2.

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    I have PSX2PSP, but it does not have this option. Can you tell me where you downloaded your version?


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