Hey all. I recently got myself a larger memory stick and been loadin' up my PSX collection to my PSP. Before I could only do a handful of games, but now I can do the whole dang collection, but I've ran into trouble with one game in particular.

I've ripped my copy, I've downloaded multiple US ISOs from various sites, but Koudelka gives me troubles. It starts up just fine, it loads perfectly, I'm able to watch the intro cutscene and fight the first battle, but then once I try to leave the initial screen, the entire screen goes black. I continue to hear background and other ambient sound effects, but the only option is to quit the game.

Just in case, I also waited a good long while to make sure it wasn't just some impossibly long load time for the initial screen, but nothing ever loaded after about 15 minutes (I made a sammich >.>).

Oh, and I've also used two different programs to create the EBOOT, both making a single multi disc EBOOT. One was PSX2PSP, which has worked great for FFVII thru IX, Legend of Dragoon and more. And, my PSP is running 5.00 M33-6, as it has been for years, now. I just don't get what could be wrong. Should I maybe try an EU version?

Thanks in advance for any and all insight!