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Thread: 6.60 Pro-c and Memory modification

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    Default 6.60 Pro-c and Memory modification

    asking 2 questions

    1. whats the best program for 6.60 Pro-C for memory modification (Cheat Engine)?

    2. How can i activate the plugin on a 3000 since i cant access the plugin menu (having to fast recovery every boot)?

    im just getting back into hacking after losing my 1000 bout some time ago (5.00 M33 just came out) and i just acquired a 3000 today

    Edit: it seems im still living in the past (so use to a 1000 using 3.93 M33-4)
    question 1 is still active

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    Are you asking what the best cheat device is? I think that TempAR is the best.

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