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Thread: PS TV hacking questions

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    Default PS TV hacking questions

    Hi there,

    I came here ages ago to learn about PSP hacking in order to dump my UMDs into ISOs. Since then I've been buying my PSP games for peanuts at used game stores, dumping the games into ISOs to restore on both my PSP-3000 and my PSP-Go which is docked and connected via component to my XRGB-Mini, to my HDTV and controlled with a DualShock 3, pretty nice if I do say so myself.

    Now I've gotten a Vita last year to play a few games including PSO2 when I'm not near a computer. In between then and now, I've also bought a PS TV (AKA Vita TV) out of an impulse buy. It's a neat device for what I paid and could have had potential if SONY would have only taken care of it. Anyway, although I don't really need to play them on my Vita, I would like to play my PSP games on my PS TV and retiring my PSP-Go.

    I've been reading about Vita hacking, but the information, in contrast to PSP hacking, is kind of a clusterfuck. I figured that I should just post what I have and see the solutions you guys can bring to the table. I know that another device is required to assist the PS TV in order to hack it.

    PSP-3000 with custom firmware 6.60 PRO-89
    Vita-2000 with firmware 3.57 (play online with PSO2, no choice but to update)
    PS TV with firmware 3.51

    So, what are my options?

    Thank you for your time

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